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Bid here for match-worn shirts of your stars!
Bundesliga (German premier division) football shirts, guaranteed to be original and direct from the club – 100 % original: all football shirts that go under the hammer here are guaranteed to be original. Unlike on many other portals, counterfeit football shirts have no chance with us! 100 % your club: as we obtain our football shirts exclusively and directly from the clubs (Bundesliga, German 2nd division, 3rd division, DEL – German ice hockey league, German national basketball league / German handball association or German ice hockey federation), you can be sure that they are what they say they are. 100 % for fans and collectors: the match-worn football shirts on our platform are guaranteed to be the football shirts in which the stars from your team appear on the field. The signed football shirts know only one thing here: the original autograph of their player! What applies for the football shirts offered here is also true for all other unique items, rarities and events on It is worth having a look – get yourself hooked!