The stated prices are inclusive of any value added tax due but exclusive of shipping and packaging costs and of any cash on delivery fees due (cf. also figure 7.1).

Unless specifically stated in the offer, the following shipping costs apply:

Insured shipping:
Within Germany: 6.90 Euro
Within the EU up to 2 kg: 22.90 Euro
Rest of Europe and overseas: at least 39.90 Euro

Individual shipping costs:
If special costs are incurred for the packaging and/or shipping of individual items due to their format, nature, weight and/or other features then these will be shown under individual shipping costs in the item description, where the aforementioned basic shipping costs are also shown.

Sportnex charges a transaction fee of 0.99 Euro for every item auctioned, which is itemised separately on the invoice.

Consolidated shipping:
If a customer pays for several items within one transaction then the shipping costs for the entire order are shown once under the item for which the individual shipping costs are greatest. A handling fee of 1.50 Euro is charged for each further item in the transaction, which is automatically added to the shipping costs.

Consolidated shipping is possible only if the relevant items are sent from one logistics centre. Consolidated shipping is essentially possible only in the areas of auctions or shops and not beyond these two sub-areas.