How it works:


1. What is is the auction portal for original sports goods and memorabilia. Unlike other auction houses, you can be certain with us that you are buying originals and no counterfeits, as co-operates officially with the clubs and obtains all items from them.

The offer that will make the hearts of all sports and football fans beat faster ranges from signed shirts, caps, boots etc. through special campaigns such as goalkeeping training to individually unique items, collectables and rarities.

For more information, please see under ‘About Us’.

2. Who is behind is a service of Sportnex GmbH, Bussardstraße 5, 82166 Gräfelfing, Germany represented by Managing Director Thomas Ernst. More information about Sportnex can be found at

3. What are the terms of use?
The GTCT of are available to download here from our site and become a component of the contract on registration.

II. Registration

1. How can I register for free?
Select “Register” on the top right of the homepage.
A screen now appears on which you can enter your personal data.

Accept the GTCT of and go to “Register now”. An e-mail from us with your personal activation link will now be received at the e-mail address you have specified.

To activate your account, click on the link in the e-mail – your account is now activated and you can use all the services of Please note that you must log in with your e-mail address and chosen password in order to be able to place bids.

Important! You can log in here as a registered user with your e-mail address and password only once your account has been successfully activated.

2. What is a username and why do I need it?
The username is a name chosen by you, which identifies you in our system and appears when you place bids.

3. What do I do if I receive no confirmation e-mail after registration?
If you have received no confirmation e-mail from us 24 hours after registering, please try to register again. You should normally receive your confirmation within 24 hours. Please note that the confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address specified by you.

If you have still received no e-mail from us, please contact us using the contact form. This can be found under the ‘Contact’ menu item.

III. Bidding

1. How do I place a bid?
To participate in the auctions, you must be a registered user with us and initially log in. Now go to the auction offer for which you want to bid or that you can buy directly in the case of an ‘immediate purchase’ auction. Click on the ‘Bid now’ button to place a bid or on the ‘Buy now’ button to buy the item immediately.

After entering your bid, you will be asked again whether your entry is correct. Confirm your bid by entering the security code (combination of letters and/or numbers) that you can now see in a window and you have placed a binding bid. You will receive an e-mail as confirmation, from which you will be able to see all the relevant information.

Tip: All auctions in which you are bidding are saved under the ‘My auctions’ heading (button on top right). Here, you can also see whether or not you are the highest bidder. Please note that you are bound by all bids until the end of the respective auction.

2. Why does the system not accept my price?
There are several possible causes for this problem:

    A bid interval of 1.00 Euro is set for all auctions. You can therefore submit only bids that are at least 1.00 Euro greater than the specified price. Example: current price 5.00 Euro, bid interval 1.00 Euro, i.e. your bid must be at least 6.00 Euro.

    Please also ensure that the format of the price entered is correct. Only bids entered as follows are permitted: 100,00 (comma instead of decimal point, no use of thousand separators).

    In the case of immediate purchase only: If you wish to use the immediate purchase option, you cannot place a bid but must rather simply click the “Buy now” button.

3. How does the bidding agent work?

The bidding agent bids within your defined maximum amount and only enough so that you remain the highest bidder. The advantage of this is that you need to pay only as much as is necessary to gain acceptance in the optimum way.

Please note that there is no need to manually activate the bidding agent. As soon as another interested party outbids your current bid, the bidding agent switches on automatically and starts placing bids up to your defined maximum amount.
If another user submits an offer above your maximum amount then you must enter a new maximum amount if you are still interested in the corresponding item.

4. How do I know whether I have been outbid?
If you are outbid by another user then you will receive an e-mail notification so you can place a new bid if required. Moreover, under the heading ‘My auction’, you will find current information about all auctions in which you are bidding. Please note that you must continuously refresh your browser for the latest information.

5. Why is the maximum bid not increasing even though I have increased my bid?
If you are the highest bidder then your bid will be increased only if another user outbids you. The bidding agent bids within your defined maximum amount and only enough so that you remain the highest bidder. The advantage of this is that you need to pay only as much as is necessary to gain acceptance in the optimum way.

6. How can I find auctions in which I have placed bids?
Log in with your e-mail address and go to “My auctions” (button on top right). Here, you will find an overview of the auctions in which you are currently actively bidding. Furthermore, you can also see here for which auctions that you have won the payment remains due.

Moreover, you have the option of watching auctions without placing a bid. To do this, simply click ‘Watch this auction’ for the desired item. You will then receive notifications by e-mail on the current status of the auction.

7. Which types of auction are available?
The following types of auction are available at

    Auction (regular)
    The offer runs for a specified time, during which the user can submit bids. sets a starting price for this and specifies any other conditions. When the offer ends, the buyer with the highest bid gains the so-called acceptance.

    Reverse auction
    In the case of a so-called reverse auction, offers a product or service for a price, which is reduced by a specified amount or percentage rate for each specified time unit. The first person to submit a bid gains the ‘acceptance’ at the price that is current at this time.

    Immediate purchase
    It is sometimes possible to buy the item or service immediately for a set price. An ‘Immediate purchase’ button with a fixed price is then available to the user. If the user clicks this button and submits a bid at this fixed price before the auction ends and before anyone else has sent an ‘Immediate purchase’ bid then he gains the ‘acceptance’ at the specified price.

8. When do I receive the acceptance?

    Auction (regular)
    The acceptance from an auction is received by the user who has placed the highest bid when the time has elapsed.

    Reverse auction
    The acceptance from a reverse auction is received by the user who was the first to place his bid at a specified amount.

    Immediate purchase
    The acceptance from an immediate purchase is received by the user who was first to click on the Buy now button.

Please note that a contract for the item is created with the ‘acceptance’. In all cases, you will be informed immediately by e-mail as soon as you have gained acceptance.

9. How can I avoid being outbid in the last second?
As the acceptance from an auction is always received by the highest bidder at the end of the time, it is not possible to prevent outbidding at the last minute if another user is willing to spend more money on the item concerned. It is therefore very important for you to consider exactly how much an item is worth to you before you start bidding. By entering a maximum bid that is accordingly greater, you increase your chance of acceptance.

10. How does an immediate purchase auction work?
By contrast with a regular auction, an ‘immediate purchase auction’ allows you to buy the desired item at a specified price. In this case, you will also receive a confirmation from us by e-mail, so you can arrange the payment. The big advantage: you know almost immediately whether or not you have acquired the item.

11. Can I retract a bid?
No! If you have submitted a bid and confirmed it with the security code displayed then you are bound by this bid until the end of the auction.

12. Where can I find out how long an auction has left to run?
The time remaining for each item can be found on the auction page for the relevant item. Please ensure that you are on a current page, as the time currently specified by applies for all transactions. Depending on your computer settings, you might need to manually click on update.

13. Why are cookies required?
For a variety of reasons, our website uses so-called cookies. Please note that cookies are not used to trace personal data. Cookies save useful information that is recognised by our website on your next visit, although cookies from our website can be read by no other site. If you deactivate cookies in your web browser, you can generally access most of our websites nonetheless. Otherwise, you must temporarily allow cookies.

14. I want to bid but cannot find the security code. What should I do?

The best thing to do is to log in again. Now go to the auction offer for which you want to bid or that you can buy directly in the case of an ‘immediate purchase’ auction. Click on the ‘Bid now’ button to place a bid or on the ‘Buy now’ button to buy the item immediately.

After entering your bid, you will be asked again whether your entry is correct. Confirm your bid by entering the security code (combination of letters and/or numbers) that you now see in the red bid box on the left. Now click on the ‘Bid now’ button. You have now submitted a binding bid. You will receive an e-mail in confirmation, from which you will be able to see all the relevant information.

Please note that you must allow cookies in order to successfully be able to bid. To do this, check the internet settings of your PC as follows:

Open your browser and click on the ‘Tools’ menu.

You will find the ‘Internet options’ area here. In this area, please select ‘Allow cookies’. This setting must be activated so you can see the security code.

Restart your computer once you have changed and saved the settings.

The problem should now be fixed.

IV. Paying

1. Acceptable payment methods
The payment method is generally specified in the offer. Essentially, payment can be made by bank transfer, giropay or credit card (Visa, Eurocard, American Express).

2. Are credit card payments secure?
To guarantee security for our users when paying by credit card, we work in conjunction with the company Wirecard Bank AG. If you have purchased an item and wish to pay for it by credit card, transfers you to the SSL-secured Wirecard Bank terminal. Once you have entered your payment data, Wirecard Bank checks the request. In the case of a positive response, Wirecard Bank confirms your solvency to and the dispatch of your products is arranged.

Further information about Wirecard Bank AG can be found at

3. What should I do if the payment link in the e-mail with the message that I was the highest bidder and that I have received the acceptance does not work?
In this case, please log in with your username and go to ‘My auctions’. Under ‘My auctions won’, tick the item for which you now wish to pay and click on the “Checkout” button. You can now select your preferred payment method. By e-mail, you will then receive all further information about the handling of the payment.

4. I have selected ‘Bank transfer’ as the payment method. What are your bank details?

Please note that you can select your preferred payment method as soon as you have won an auction. If you choose the ‘Bank transfer’ payment method, you will then receive an e-mail from us with our bank details.

Please note that you must take into account the shipping costs and specify the order number in the reference with every bank transfer. Please remit the amount to the following account:

Payee: Sportnex GmbH
Account number: 652070401
Sort code: 70070024 (Deutsche Bank)
IBAN: DE47700700240652070401

V. Prices and shipping costs

1. Is the value added tax already included in the prices?
The stated prices are inclusive of any value added tax due but exclusive of shipping and packaging costs and of any cash on delivery fees due (cf. also GTCT figure 7.1).

2. How much are the shipping costs?
Unless specifically stated in the offer, the following shipping costs apply:

Insured shipping:
Within Germany: 6.90 Euro
Within the EU up to 2 kg: 22.90 Euro
Rest of Europe and overseas: at least 39.90 Euro

Individual shipping costs:
If special costs are incurred for the packaging and/or shipping of individual items due to their format, nature, weight and/or other features then these will be shown under individual shipping costs in the item description, where the aforementioned basic shipping costs are also shown.

Sportnex charges a transaction fee of 0.99 Euro for every item auctioned, which is itemised separately on the invoice.

Consolidated shipping:
If a customer pays for several items within one transaction then the shipping costs for the entire order are shown once under the item for which the individual shipping costs are greatest. A handling fee of 1.50 Euro is charged for each further item in the transaction, which is automatically added to the shipping costs.

VI. Goods and shipping

1. How do I know that my desired item is an original?
As we co-operate officially with the clubs and receive all items directly from the clubs, you can be certain that your desired item is an original.

2. When will I receive my goods?
The auctioned goods will be sent by post to the address specified by you within 5 – 7 working days after receipt of payment.

3. Can I return the goods?
Users can essentially revoke the licence agreement for most items without giving reasons – however, this must be done within a period of 2 weeks. The period begins on receipt of the confirmation e-mail.

4. I have bought several items from you. Can you send them together? If so, will I still have to pay shipping costs per item?

Yes, items can generally be sent together to save on postage!
Please note, however, that the following conditions must be in place for this:

To send several items in one package, it is essential that you pay for all items together.

The shipping costs to be taken into account in the bank transfer are comprised as follows:
Unless specifically stated in the offer, shipping costs of 6.90 Euro apply in Germany (for regular shipping costs for Europe/overseas, please refer to our payment terms). For the collective order, the shipping costs are shown once under the item for which the individual shipping costs are greatest. In addition to this, reduced shipping costs of 1.50 Euro are incurred per additional item to be sent.

Please now initiate the payment process on our site for the relevant items that you have won and pay the total for all items in one bank transfer. Important: please remember to specify the order number under reference in the remittance.

5. In the case of a successful highest bid, is personal collection from you also possible?
This is generally not possible. Exception: some items can be collected directly from the respective office if explicitly mentioned in the bid text. These items can be identified by our corresponding indication in the text and the fact that no shipping costs are charged.

6. How can I speed up the shipping?
As soon as we receive your payment, the goods will be sent by post within 5 – 7 days. So your desired item can be sent to you as quickly as possible, you should arrange the payment process immediately after winning the auction and pay for all outstanding auctions.
A tip for anyone in a particular rush: to date, payment by credit card has emerged as the quickest payment method.

7. Is it possible to have my desired item sent to a different address?
Yes, we can of course send your desired item to a different address. Click on ‘My user account’ and enter the new shipping address under ‘Add new address’.

VII. Data protection

1. Under which data protection guidelines does operate?
Data protection is a priority at Your personal data are used exclusively in the context of the statutory regulations or if you have consented to their use.

Detailed information can be found under menu item “Data protection” and the current GTCT.

VIII. Personal data

1. How can I change my personal data?
You can change your personal data very easily by logging in, going to ‘User account’ and making the desired changes.

2. My e-mail address has changed, do I need to sign up again?
You need to reregister. As your e-mail address is the most important identification for your account, you are unfortunately unable to change it. To do this, please sign up with your new e-mail address in the “Register” area. All future transactions will then be processed through your new e-mail address.

IX. Password

1. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
Firstly: don’t panic!
If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Log in’ then on “Forgotten password”. Now enter your e-mail address. A new password will then be sent to you by e-mail.

2. Is it possible to change my password. If so, how does it work?
If you wish to adopt a new password, please take the following steps:
Go to the website.
Log in as usual then click on the ‘User account’ button and the ‘My user account’ menu on the right hand side.
Tick ‘Change password’ then enter your old and your new password in the relevant fields.

X. Newsletter

1. What does the newsletter have to offer me?
The newsletter informs you about many new offers. Use your opportunities and benefit from hearing more quickly than others about the very latest items from your favourite club or player. Simply sign up as a user for free and subscribe to the newsletter.

2. How can I register for the newsletter or unsubscribe from the newsletter?
As soon as you sign up with us for free, you have the option of subscribing to the newsletter.
Click on ‘User account’ then here on ‘Newsletter subscriptions in the menu on the right hand side. Tick to subscribe to the newsletter. Confirm your entry by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

XI. Suggestions, complaints, other questions

1. How can I contact customer service?
To contact customer service, please click on the menu item ‘Contact’. You can now complete the form that then opens and contact us.

2. Can I also sell items at
Unlike other providers, our users cannot auction items. This enables us to ensure that only original products are offered to you on our portal.

3. Can I also order the fan catalogue of my favourite club or tickets for games from you?

No, this is not possible. The clubs are directly responsible for their fan shops, fan catalogues and ticket allocations. In this case, please contact the office of your favourite club.